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Founded in 2001, Objective Solutions is an international consultancy specialized in the development of airline and airport software. For a number of years we have gained a reputation for delivering reliable and cost-efficient solutions for customers all over the world.

Our staff combine extensive airline industry experience with deep knowledge of the latest software development techniques.





reduce costs and increase efficiency

With Objective Solutions’ customized solutions, customers save both time and money. Our solutions are hardware independent, making deployment simple. This in turn increases efficiency while reducing cost, in other words; a win-win.

Airlines, airports, airport operators and authorities seek to maximize passenger and baggage flow while maintaining today’s high safety standards and regulations. At the same time, modern airports often have an open and welcoming layout, which poses a complex challenge. Objective Solutions provides solutions that elegantly and cost-efficiently solve this challenge, by automating and optimizing passenger and baggage processing and flow.

We deliver independent, efficient and future-proof solutions.

Reduction in staff overhead costs

Increase in passenger throughput

Increase in capacity

Customer satisfaction


World-class software solutions



Check-in Kiosk is fast, efficient and flexible, and operates on all CUSS as well as native software and hardware platforms. It supports a wide range of hardware peripherals out-of-the-box, all standard bagtags and travel documents (including NFC) as well as an exhaustive range of Frequent Traveller Cards. Check-in Kiosk is fully customizable and is delivered with an advanced web-based statistics and a real-time monitoring service.



Checkpoint Security provides fast and efficient travel document validation for pre-security, fast-track, tax-free and transit checkpoints. Checkpoint Security supports a wide range of hardware peripherals and turnstiles out-of-the-box. It supports all standard travel documents (including NFC and MIFARE) as well as an exhaustive range of Frequent Traveller Cards. Checkpoint Security is delivered with an advanced web-based statistics and a real-time monitoring service.



Device Manager is an airport-oriented device manager which handles an extensive range of printers, swipe readers, card readers, scanners and other peripheral devices in both native, CUSS and CUTE environments. Device Manager is a communications library that can interface virtually any host system or peripheral device used in the airline business today.



Passenger Baggage Reconciliation provides baggage handling for every aspect of the loading process. Since Passenger Baggage Reconciliation is based on the IATA BSM standard and utilizes Device Manager for host communication, it supports virtually any airline host system out-of-the-box. Passenger Baggage Reconciliation is is delivered with an advanced web-based statistics and a real-time monitoring service.



We provide a procedure document management system developed specifically for the needs in the aviation industry in order to allow for easy, effective and structured procedure document management. Our system allows airlines to keep up to date with ever changing procedures and ensures that procedure changes are documented and distributed.



The SCR-100 is the world’s first secure magnetic card-reader, specially tailored to meet the requirements of the airline industry. Passengers can be securely identified using payment cards, Frequent Flyer Cards as well as co-branded payment/Frequent Flyer Cards, without falling into scope for PCI-DSS requirements. The SCR-100 supports both USB as well as RS-232 interfaces, guaranteeing legacy hardware and software compatability.


Consulting services

Objective Solutions has over 25 years of combined expertise working as software architecture designers, integrators and technology consultants within the airport and airline software industry. We have deep knowledge in virtually every aspect of the airline software industry and know how to help make it run smoother. Our expertise covers a wide variety of technologies, programming languages and devices.

We have participated in and independently managed a large number of projects for multiple customers, covering an almost complete range of airline and airport software. Projects include the development of systems for baggage reconciliation, self-service check-in, legacy host communication, peripheral device communication, call-center management, ticketing, check-in and reservations.

We also have extensive experience in supporting and developing QIK-based applications. We continuously manage large development projects and several 16-to-32 bit conversions of QIK source code.


Always on the lookout for great talent

We are a leading software developer for the airline and airport industry with a simple vision: to develop the best software solutions for the travel industry.

To make this possible, we continuously search for and employ the best and brightest. Our employees are our most important resource and we work hard to ensure everyone grows individually and as a team. Not only is it crucial for us to find great talent, but also for talent to find a home where it truly belongs.

Are you our next great talent? Submit your resumé to recruitment@objective.se


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Big welcome to our new developer and team member Carl Svensson. Calle is our expert within machine learning, AI and security protocols.


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Objective Solutions will design and develop a new procedure document management system for Wideroe Ground Handling AS.


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Objective Solutions helps SAS to roll out the Comarch Loyalty in order to enrich its frequent flyer program EuroBonus.


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Connecting Norway is a pilot project for for passengers who arrive on international flights and continue on by aircraft in Norway.


New premises from 2016 January

Objective Solutions is in an expansive phase and has outgrown its existing premises. From January 2016 you will find us at Östermalmsgatan 87E.


Nå starter flyreisen fra Gardermoen på en ny måte

Nå blir flyreisen din enda mer automatisert: Mandag tok Oslo Lufthavn i bruk utstyr som erstatter dagens manuelle billett-kontroll.

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Automated security at CPH

In cooperation with Objective Solutions, Copenhagen Airports launches fully automated checkpoint security.


CPH wins "World’s Best Airport Security Processing"-award

We are proud of helping CPH Airport reach new levels of passenger satisfaction - congratulations!

Businessman Airport Travel Waiting Trip Terminal Concept

World's first secure card reader for the airline industry

We are launching the SCR-100 at Passenger Terminal Expo 2013. Visit us at stand 1150.