Objective Solutions, in collaboration with the Avinor, has developed a complete software solution for handling airport passengers remotely through a complete automated passenger journey: starting with arrival at the airport through to boarding.

The concept that is in operation at Kristiansand Airport (KRS) is based on a virtual dashboard. From the dashboard the operator is able to remotely perform a complete boarding procedure without any staff present at the gate, monitor passengers at different touch points in the airport e.g. through the pre security and FT lanes, monitor the terminal area via surveillance cameras, change information on FIDS screens and information screens for boarding, record and play PA announcements in the airport’s different speaker zones, communicate with the passenger via video call in order to help the passenger with ticket issues and bag related problems.

In addition stand by passengers can be handled and passengers travelling with youth tickets be verified through the service assistant kiosk. Via the self service kiosks the passenger will be able to register lost luggage and claim food vouchers in case of irregularities with the flights and also be rebooked to other flights. The staff is also able to reach Flight Radar 24’s services via a integrated solution in the dashboard. This system will be a game changer in terms of ground handling for small airports.